Letter to the Editor - July 17, 1997, Stuart Herald

The flowers on the fence at All Saints Church were inspired by a letter to the editor. The letter was written from a child's perspective. An innocent child who saw the majesty of the building.

Many, many bouquets were placed on the fence in the ensuing days and continued to be placed there. And then, the flowers were vandalized for inexplicable reasons known only to those who removed them.

Eventually, our parish priest decided that there was no harm in placing flowers on a fence, and declared so at weekend services in May. Now - today - the flowers have been stolen again.

This action brings back memories of the stories I was told of the Ku Klux Klan parading down our main street and holding hate-filled rallies at the pond east of town. Their only targets in this area were the Catholics.

This small town vanquished their obnoxious assault. But the threats and intimidations are not forgotten, nor should they be. How can it be, some seventy years later, Catholics turn against Catholics, and shame their ancestors and denigrate their hard-won freedom from persecution and prejudice?

I am absolutely confounded by this latest example of boorish behavior.

Mary Jo Ellis
Stuart, Iowa

Mary Jo Ellis received this anonymous letter on Thursday July 18, 1997 after her letter to the editor came out on Wednesday July 16, 1997.


The Klu Klux Klan (poem author's misspelling) rode into town
That flower fence they came to find!
They dawned their sheets and rode around.
Those plastic flowers they meant to grind.

While here, they didn't kill or mutilate.
M. J. it wasn't their usual MO at all.
Is it possible they ran out of hate?
Such a mundane task is not their call!

Why with this plastic mess were we blessed?
She had no right to cause such a mess!!!!!!!!!!
It wasn't a Catholic who penned that request.
Though to tolerate it has been our test!!!!!!!!!!!!

How would she now respond,
If we placed plastic in her yard?
MJ is it your've been conned?
It's plastic flowers that you guard!

Would you want them in your yard?
I suggest if you think they're beautiful,
We place them there for you to guard.
I know to PR you must be dutiful

Who took those plastic flowers down?
Of that I really have no clue!
In order to bring sympathy around,
I wonder could it have been you????

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