The Stuart Herald
April 11, 1996
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A Town Meeting to discuss restoration of All Saints Catholic Church has been scheduled for Thursday, April 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the Stuart Recreation Center (skating rink). The meeting has been arranged by Project Restore, a local group which is trying to gain support for restoring the church, which was set on fire on August 22, 1995.

The Catholic Diocese of Des Moines has announced that the Stuart church will not be restored, citing financial concerns as the reason. The All Saints Parish Council voted to build a new church, using as many salvageable items as possible from the burned out structure.

Dick Doherty, Project Restore chairman, said that prior to and since the decision not to restore, church members have expressed their desire to restore. He explained that the Project Restore group has established a “fail-safe” fund at the First State Bank in Stuart for contributions toward restoration. All money in the Project Restore account will be returned if the church is ultimately not restored, Doherty said. He reported that over $50,000 in contributions, pledges and in-kind donations have been made to the account.

Mean while, the parish council is proceeding with plans to build a new church.

Doherty also reported that Project Restore had conducted a survey of parish members and found that 57% of the respondents were in favor of further exploration into restoration. Project Restore has organized the April 18 Town Meeting to hear from architectural and fundraising experts and to hear from the community on the subject, Doherty said.

For more information about the Town Meeting, contact Doherty at 523-2921.

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