The Stuart Herald
June 26, 1997
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STUART, IA -- Project Restore's booth was a main attraction at the State Historical Society of Iowa's Heritage Expo, June 12-13 in Des Moines with their "Save the Building" booth and video, according to members of Project Restore. The booth resulted in WOI-TV conducting an interview, and hundreds of people visited the booth.

"We were amazed at the number of people from across the country who are closely following the All Saints situation," said Jolene Lonsdale.

One of the people who is following the All Saints scenario is Cooper Norman, AIA, president of the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance (IHPA), who refers to Project Restore as an "action-oriented group."

Even Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is aware of the All Saints situation, according to Tom Smull, Jr. who attended an IHPA board meeting at which Moe was a guest speaker during the Expo.

"The nation and maybe even the world is watching to see that the building is saved," said Smull.

Project Restore has been asked to make a follow-up presentation to the IHPA at its next board meeting.

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