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Project Restore: Historic All Saints

Construction Update - January 2009

On Monday morning, December 29th, the copper covered dome rose into the clear Iowa sky to sit atop the drum covering Historic All Saints. Its taken more then 13 years, but today people once again see the complete dome of Historic All Saints in the Stuart skyline.

The Des Moines architectural firm of HLKB oversaw the structural and architectural aspects of the dome project. Koester Construction of Grimes coordinated the construction and lift of the dome. The 1,300 square feet of copper was installed by sheet metal workers from Dallas Construction Corp. of De Soto.

The completion of the dome which is 13 feet in height, 33 feet in diameter and weighs 18,000 pounds moves the facility another step closer to its October 2009 completion date.

The framing of the roof of the building is about half complete. Red tiles will cover the roof as they did in the original construction 100 years ago. The interior of the building will reveal the original brickwork and some of the steel support so people can see the craftsmanship and skill of the original builders.

We are in need of additional funds to incorporate an elevator for handicap accessibility, concrete work for sidewalks and parking, copper to cover the dome and (GFRC) glass-fiber reinforced concrete to replicate stones and detailing on the drum of the dome.

If you would like to make a donation to help pay for these additional items you may send your donation to:

Project Restore Fund
First State Bank
215 N. Division St.
Stuart, IA 50250


Project Restore Foundation
PO Box 357
Stuart, IA 50250

Please contact Dick Doherty or Tom Smull II with any questions, comments and ideas or if youd like to meet in person. You can reach Dick at 515-523-2921/  rdohe97272@aol.com  Tom at 515-280-7234 (work), 515-225-7369 (home) or tsmull@associationsinc.us .


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