Letter to the Editor - October 6, 1997

(This letter was in response to "Rebuild-Church Group Won’t Quit." The article published in the October 5, 1997 issue of the Des Moines Register, Metro Iowa section B, 1, but as of yet has not been published.)

October 6, 1997

Letter To The Editor:

In response to the article concerning Project Restore and the restoration of All Saints Catholic church in Stuart, Iowa, “Rebuild-Church Group Won’t Quit.” The article was published in the October 5, 1997 issue of the Des Moines Register, Metro Iowa section B, 1.

I would like to know who the journalist spoke with concerning the estimated costs of restoration. Is Kirsten Scharnberg quoting Tom Chapman, the spokesperson for the Diocese, or did she get her information from one of the people of the community?

The cost of restorating the burned building was greatly mis-quoted, however the insurance settlement was correct. The $3.9 million settlement was quickly taken by that faction.

Construction for a new church is underway, and the Dioceses may or may not be entertaining the idea of giving the burned shell of All Saints to the community. The people of Project Restore have accepted the fact that the Diocese will not allow the building to be used for another Catholic church. The un-decisiveness of the Diocese is another form of control.

Some area residents would like to see the building restored for use as a cultural museum.

The money for restoring the building and operation expenses for Project Restore has been graciously given from people of the area and from all across the world. Fund raisers and raffles are a means of keeping community interest. People who state that Project Restore has caused split factions debates, and publicity, have no clue as to what is happening around them.

The people of Project Restore are honest, humble and God fearing people.



Susan J. Smith
Stuart, Iowa

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