Letter to the Editor - October 12, 1997

The Des Moines Register
Sunday, October 12, 1997
Page 7AA


On reading the Oct. 5 article about the possible replacing of the beautiful Catholic Church in Stuart, the story caused me a stab of pain.

I am not a Catholic, but when about a year ago our family drove to see that sadly mutilated edifice dedicated to God's glory I was near tears.

How can the powers that be want to destroy what is still awesome? Although built for worship within its walls, don't they realize that just to look upon that exquisite architecture was to draw one's heart upward in worship? How many times have I wished that we Protestants would build such architectural treasures rather than the plain, no-nonsense churches of our day?

My suggestion to the residents of Stuart: Why not let it be known that you would gladly receive any donations from Iowans across the state to help repair and rebuild this beautiful, worship-inspiring House of Our Lord? I would be glad to do my part.

Irene Holliman
Carlisle, Iowa

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